Who is Remembering Games?

Lazy version

3 dudes from Granby, QC playing music together since forever. After doing lots of progressive metal stuff for years, we switched to hard since we really dig it and we are capable of playing it well. We started to compose a couple of songs in december 2011. We got crazy in the winter, then recorded 13 songs from april 2012 to may 2012. What you see now, is the result of that.

I love to mention that we record all of our stuff at home. The mix were mostly tested in a Hyundai Elantra 2009 :) We also do our mastering and have lots of fun playing with sound and making it huge basically.

"Let's take a coffee" detailed version

So, a long long time ago, me (Kevin), Frank and Nic had a band called Highest Place. We used to do over complicated (read: too much complicated for our own good) music and released 3 albums. Well, 2 and a half. After a couple of years of break... ok, not complete break; I sang in an alternative cover band for 3 years in Montreal and Frank was playing with other folks in Granby. Fast forward to middle of 2011, we started to play back together. At first, we worked on doing another cover band in the alternative "99,9 the buzz" style. Yet, after a couple of month of rehearsal, the songwriting trip emerged again. That's when we decided to get back to our old love: being a composition band, making songs, trying to make them known. So we sat down and from end of 2011 to february 2012, we made 13 new songs in the hard rock style. From march to may, we recorded and mixed everything and on july, this first record was available. At this point, we needed another guitar player to join the team and found Ben who is playing with us since october 2012. That's about where we are now. Hope to update this in the future with exciting news, tours and other stuff.


Kevin Isabelle

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