Remembering Games - Eponymous Album

Eye Contact

Our eyes did just meet
Or was my mind incomplete
I ain't sure is this for real?
Well let's find out what you reveal

Been looking for sign of truth
In the peek your sending me
I am making decisions
Of walking by and just say Hi

I came a long way to talk to you
But the bitch shield I bumped into
You realize how much I care for
But in the end you'll be the one to beg and implore

Lookin' at you whole night
Lost my power for your sight
You girls are like a gilded drug
Our brain disconnected and unplugged

What have you done to my good poise
I bet you scare all the right boys
I wanna taste your bloody soul
It ain't good for me but I want it so bad


Why can't you even cast a smile?
Oh, I see, you play hard to get

For The Profits Of Your Own Kind

Get of hiding because we know that you digress oh please
Please don't fill me up a load of BS tank
One side of the coin is how the money ranks for you
On the other hand why would you screw us all like that?
Look back at then and you now

You know it when it's fine
Or that you have crossed the line
Rejecting all you've witnessed
For the profits of your own kind

I wasn't sure it was just me sensing the flood outside
You were acting wierd and cligny for no reason
You started asking favors with a sly alien eye
Freeky feelings got the best of me so say goodbye
To all my angel cries


Hope you see, a glimpse of what I learnt
Outside, that's from where I look at you


Chorus Please releave me from your sight
I'm at risk of yet another fight
Complainin' and escaping
From the profits of your own kind.

Claim Reality

I'm claiming my reality
I grow and shed my skin
Well, it is hard for the most part
And sometimes I don't want to

We're a bunch of sleeping robots
Not able to do what we should
In order to become humans we must realize
That most of the time we are paralyzed

I found my way this time
Truth is a passing by and is changing
After all these years in the middle of fight
Maybe I can finally see the light

I know I slept most of my life
Passing by unknown delights
Living in a dream is something
We're all guilty of doing




Sense Of Direction

Though I move in diverse path all the time
I’m locked on a strait invisible line
It tames my brutal ways of walking the mile
I guess it’s what they’ve been talking about for a while

Living in the danger, there ain't any real threat
It’s all about "we want it now"

Sometimes we gotta move fast in here
Sensing of the line is getting harder dear
The speed of the change seems to be standing still
Before it disappears in the abyss of time

We can run like crazy ones almost touching it
We might feel better knowing we keep trying
In fact, we barely have the time for hellos
Before we leave and never understand why




Under Your Own Sacrifices

You look at me with strange eyes
It seems to me that you’re lost
Tonight I'll be your host

You look at me with strange eyes
It seems to me that you’re lost
Tonight I'll show you how must it cost
You look at me and you paralyze
And when you smile it seems that you cry
Nobody knows about all your demise

You fight against the odds
In face of all the traps between the gods
You always find a hope under the dice
You may have done the walk over thin ice
But you made it under you own sacrifices

You want to live and start it over
But this old place keeps you from any roam
You play hard to reach out the new heights
All seems to put itself right in the way
You feel they crawl like some damn parasites
You keep on comin' 'cause you'll be out there sometime


Every night you pray to get away, get away
Then you think about the world while you stay
Every night you pray to get away, get away
Then you think about the world while you stay



I must function despite all the obvious nonsense
Sometimes it points to one direction
Sometimes it makes you forget all you've learned

It leads to contradictions
Defies my logical conceptions
It's ironic, suprisingly troubling

Paradox, paradox
Tracing it as it leaves a trail
Fix it up, fix it up
I bet you won't prevail

I'm lost in my speedy train of thought
I feel I can almost reach for an answer
Yet it always seems to escape
I feel I can almost break it free

There seems to be no reason why
It gets that slippery and sly
Maybe if I try harder
I can pull it out better

Chorus X 2

A thinker without some paradox
Is like a lover without passion
Well you can't see all available light
Yet darkness is clearly visible

Chorus X 2

Days Don't Exist Anymore

Winter travels though the time
And it costs us more than a dime
It’s a sprinter level, it’s a crime
Maybe it’s just my mind I’m losing

Through the layers, will I pack down?
Through the layers, will I react right on time?

Days don’t exist anymore
It’s our attention span that snaps before
Days don’t exist anymore
In front of Gods we like to ignore
Days don’t exist anymore
What’s the use in numbers, we reach slumber
Like a dream that’s coming we fleet away
And we march with our pieces of time

It’s the cycles of years and of clime
It’s enough to meet what’s sublime
All I wanna do is survive
Maybe this time we’ll have to bleed on trust

Right in front of your eyes this time
It’s your walls that are buliding, right in front of very eyes



Thanks For The Good Times

It always have been easy for you and I
We both know how it's strong
We leave it, say goodbye for you and I
No need to bury it

The way that I turned away from the fight ahead
The way that you leaned back when I was looking dead
I'm not lurking now in the shadows
We see the same sun through our windows

Thanks for the good times
Take it all away
I'll remember all
Thanks for the good times

The star found a way to realize
More than we thought could be
And the new life that is the better prize
Well that's more that we could ever be



Chorus X 2

This Old House

That's where I find the old pieces
They make the parts of new faces
It took long to make the decisions
It's better than old illusions

I'm not there yet
Can feel the changes
Turns out to be
A glimpse of light

The smell of wood and olden scars
Reach up my mind even afar
My head strait up to look beyond
Trying to ear any new sound

It's this old house right over my shoulder that I can see
Rest of old dreams, of old fears, that I'm in deep love within
Exhausted scene, bring it on, roll it down into my sleeve
Leave a message we're all out


You may think I am in escape
But I was more than forced to leave
All that was built on beauty trust
Is left behind forever lost


Rugged and used floors
Shine a glory of the past
They seem to know
All that could have made me stay undistracted


Now it's too late, road is took, I need to stack it in front
I am afraid, of the change, I might as well try it out
Visible tears might roll out resulting in a mistake
I won't bother shame and hurt

The Wisdom Of Grief

It’s been days since we’ve started drifting now and there
From the first knee scratch to the hardest pain
Since the day we were born until we fade eroded
We’ve been winning our rights on these moments

It’s been a while since I’ve started my pondering
Something feels so wrong in living misery
Since the first line I knew that there is a motive for us
It is just waiting

The bell rung out, classes are all around
Taken by the storm all over the places

It’s never been the heaven down there on the ground
Even sometime it may seems like the darkest of hounds
I wish you could see all of my own words so real now
We were meant for a place like this today

This learning curve is getting harder and it’s never simpler
The rockets thrown at your face are getting in
Everyday seems like the other but maybe better
It’s what we achieve


The blast is off and then the pain is felt
Right on through what we should have deal
What's the deal?
Bite the wood and close your eyes
Close your eyes, close your eyes
You’ll get the dose of what you need
What you need, what you need

Chorus X 2


I hear a noise from the inside
It's just a faint noise in the background
I pull a line that I could try
See how it goes when focus lie
It seems like a trouble I had to solve

It creeps out from behind my mind
A small thought became a storm of worries

Can't hear outside I'm being trapped
By that monster that was an idea
Now I can't stop that living thought
It tooks over my peaceful mind
I try to turn around but it's too late


A storm of worries
It has taken over me

I'd like to find out why I bought,
this whole story of the aftertought
Can't let it eat me alive
Gotta look away to survive


Roadmap For A Spiderweb

Their children have got spoiled from what’s supposed to be true
Their children have been taught from what’s supposed to be false
(They got thorn) and lose the easy truth
Rising spark soon will fall deep down to get thrown apart
Fallen bugs never rise upon the web of what’s real
(Their children) get forgotten n’ missed

From outside, it looks like you’ve grown too fast
From inside, you don’t know what’s goin’ on
At that point, a soul gets slapped to his death
I’m wondering if you ever wanna get free

It’s a soul that’s bleeding to death without ever know
Trying to transcend light with big deforming glasses
(They will try) to make you one of them
Sticked to the web of these men, they’ll become dark predators
Pretending the spider up their head is an angel
(They’ll get stunned) when they’ll look in these eyes




Rising Again

As this man walks alone all scattered
Barely standing on his feets, looking at the sky
His clothes are drenched in pieces
Well he doesn't really seems to care
Well he doesn't really seems to care at all, no

He's not dead he does claim
He's hot ember, signs of a flame
He's a pheonix rising again

Broken man walks alone ripped and crushed
Nobody knows how but still the fire burns inside
He can find one more hope, one last chance
Clenching teeth really seems to help
Yeah it really seems to help for all the pain

Chorus X 2

Moved in part by rage, in part by hope
He's not bored yet he's tiresome
Gotta learn all in vain

He's the past of the mass, like everyone
Now he's outcast, he's in recharge
Soon, he'll be out at large

Chorus X 2

As this man proud and full
Now can radiates
All that power that he needs
In order to move on